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"Just before you continue, I KNOW YOu've been taking some recommended medications but it seems that they are not working”... some days your blood pressure will be normal and other days, very high

You see, I don’t know anything about those medications but the fact is some of these treatments even side serious side effects on the liver and kidney which kills even faster than hypertension itself.

How do I know this you may ask…

As a certified AcuMedics Practitioner, who has a vast knowledge in phytotherapy, that is the use of plants and herbs extracts to manage health conditions and for healing purposes.

Also specialize in Physical Therapy and Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Talking about Traditional Chinese Medicine, it involves practices such as physical body therapies like acupressure, use of plant extracts, all for healing purposes.

Traditional Chinese Medicine is an approach to medical care that combines conventional medicine with CAM practices that have shown through science to be safe and effective because they are purely natural.

Traditional Chinese Medicine are used instead of standard treatments.

Now, you may also ask why other natural products you have probably bought in the past didn’t also work for you..

You see, many of those products are network marketing products that are made in certain areas and you already know we have different weather condition which affect our wellbeing. That said, those products will rarely work for you.

But what I am about to introduce to you is SPECIFICALLY made for Nigerians and Africans at large because they are produced with our very own herbs and roots.

Stop everything you are doing right now and pay attention to this...

Hypertension, Blurry Vision, Insomnia, Stress, Anxiety Etc Can Now Be Permanently Reversed Using Traditional Chinese Treatments

Dear health-conscious friend, 

Do you ever feel like your body is working against you? Like no matter how much you exercise or eat right, something just isn’t quite right? That’s exactly several of our clients felt before I introduced them to NOC-X (Neuro, Optic, Cardio) Herbal Tea.

You know due to the nature of my profession, I have consulted for several people (including the high and mighty) with different health challenges but I want to briefly share with you a testimony of just one…

“His name is Mr Michael, he is 45 years old and he live in Edo state, Nigeria.

Like many others, his involvement with high blood pressure and similar conditions was inspired by his own health challenges.

In his early 30s, he began having frequent headaches and blurry vision. At first, he associated it with his job which requires him to constantly be in front of a computer screen. Soon, though, he learned that the headaches stemmed from high blood pressure.

He was especially at risk of high blood pressure due to his family history. High blood pressure is more common and more severe with Africans adults. He had to be extra careful of his blood pressure because of other health issues, including insomnia, blurry vision, heart attack, heart failure and stroke.

After the initial diagnosis of high blood pressure, he struggled with remembering to take his medication every day, exactly as prescribed by his health care provider and pharmacist.

The most difficult change he faced was becoming accustomed to taking medication every day. 

“You must be compliant and you have to pay attention to what you are doing. You can’t skip your medicine for two days, then take a pill and expect it to be effective”.

He was placed on daily drugs and 

He was told not eat some food, it became very worrisome that some liquid start coming out from my leg and the doctor told him that it as a result of high blood pressure.

The doctor said if not properly treated will lead to heart disease which is very dangerous and can lead to sudden death. The doctor also added that high blood pressure has no cure that he have to live on drugs all his life. 

The news was so terrible that he can’t imagine him not eating what he crave for, as time goes on a friend introduce him to us and I gave him our powerful solution – NOC-X herbal tea

At first he was not convince to take it because he have had experiences of many products that didn’t work for him, I convinced him to take the solution (NOC-X Herbal Tea) that helped him balance his blood pressure permanently”.

He blessed the day he came across us and thank God for this powerful solution (NOC-X Herbal Tea) that works like magic, he has gone ahead to recommend our product to anybody struggling with high blood pressure.

You see, with NOC-X herbal tea high blood pressure doesn’t have to be a death sentence. If you’re diagnosed, you have to make a decision about how you want to live the rest of your life. Do you want to thrive or just survive?

NOTE THIS: The functions of all internal organs and systems depends on the supply of quality blood.

Besides, what does the blood do? It delivers oxygen and nutrients to the internal organs and “in return” takes off the unwanted metabolic materials.

When we’re still young our vessels are also young, elastic, clean – all the organs, therefore, get as much nutrition/flexibilty as they need.

As age sets in, we begin to move less and less and our vessels start getting dirty and clogged up. This is due to various factors – not just harmful ones but also factors that are natural like lipid deposition, which is common.

And what are clogged vessels? Imagine pipes filled with debris. What does this all lead to? The water pressure rises, and the water itself acquires a foul taste or smell.

The same thing happens with the blood vessels.

When cholesterol or other substances are deposited on them, the pressure rises (dirty/clogged blood vessels are the main cause of hypertension!), the bloodstream becomes disrupted and reduces blood supply.

As a result, all the body’s organs and systems, the ones that make us what we are, become weak/damaged. After all, even the skin is one of those systems.

‍As a result, a person begins to age fast. If you periodically clean the vessels, then you can prolong life even to 90s or 100s.

In essence, by cleaning blood vessels you can significantly extend your life and build up your health.

And this isn’t just in theory. I recommended this method to my brother, patients and I still use it myself to this day.

Everyone who heeded my advice have long outlived their peers on the supply of quality blood.

Besides, what does the blood do? It delivers oxygen and nutrients to the internal organs and “in return” takes off the unwanted metabolic materials.

When we’re still young our vessels are also young, elastic, clean – all the organs, therefore, get as much nutrition/flexibility as they need.

As age sets in, we begin to move less and less and our vessels start getting dirty and clogged up. This is due to various factors – not just harmful ones but also factors that are natural like lipid deposition, which is common.

Here’s how blood vessels gets clogged gradually. If you’re over 36 and have never cleaned them, then your vessels are in serious need of cleansing. Otherwise, you risk your health.

Vascular contamination leads to such diseases as:

  • Hypertension

  • Coronary Heart disease

  • Stroke

  • Brain thrombus

  • Atherosclerotic vascular disease

  • Phlebeurysm

  • Venous and arterial thrombosis

And this happens everywhere! 5 times more people die from cardiovascular diseases than from all other causes combined. Doctors know about this, they know that it is necessary to clean the blood vessels.

I know you have been prescribed some pills to reduce blood pressure to help with your hypertension. But these methods aren’t a cure, it’s just a temporary effect. While you need to genuinely clean the blood vessels.

By the way, in Israel people over 35-40 years have been doing this for more than half a century. Over there, everyone understands the need to cleanse your blood vessels.

The Safe Route To Healthy Blood Pressure... NOC-X HERBAL TEA

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Health Risks Of Hypertension

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Hypertension Kills Really Slowly, A Little Bit At A Time… Making You And Everyone Around You Suffer

That’s why it is called the mother of all diseases

And today…

There are two ways before you

Life – this way leads to getting rid of  hypertension, insomnia and blurry vision etc (guaranteed)

Other ways – this includes doubt, second guessing and all. It leads to a life full of suffering and pains from hypertension

You can only pick one of these ways… and I will recommend you pick life

Choose to be free today

And yes….

The NOC-X Herbal Tea is safe to use


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